Laser: Facts about eye laser in Turkey


Facts and cliches on health tourism organized in Turkey. Is it a sane or an insane decision? 

There are several cliches on health tourism organized in Turkey, however facts are different:

Cliché: One cannot be sure about the quality in Turkey. Especially the hygienic standards?
Fact: Our eye hospitals have international certificates and that means quality in every aspect.

Cliché: The doctors in Holland must have more experience, for sure!
Fact: The doctors in our hospitals have had experience in more than 20.000 surgeries in more than 10 years. No European hospital has either the number or the experience of that much application.

Cliché: Surgeries abroad are like serial manufacturing!
Fact: In order to save time for every patient, the number of patients accepted is very few.

Facts and cliches on health tourism to Turkey. Learn the facts.

Cliché: Devices is surely not new, they must have been bought from a secondary market!
Fact: The turkish hospitals never use second hand machines.

Cliché: What about communication? I do not speak Turkish!
Fact: Our hospital has full time English speaking translators at all times.

Cliché: Complications must be more often abroad in comparison to Holland.
Fact: There is no scientific evidence proving that. The success rate in Holland is 90 percent where as it more than 98 percent by us.

Cliché: The number of secondary operations is more abroad.
Fact: Less then 1 percent of our patients had to have a secondary operation. The European experts consider it a success when this rate is about 10 per cent.

Cliche: A secondary operation means new travel and surgical costs. It is a complete saving, then!
Fact: Our hospital offers a secondary eye laser operation for free.

Cliché: What? Are you going to have eye laser surgery in Turkey? Are you insane?
Fact: Please read the testimonial shared by our patients pleased with services.  And then, decide on your own, whether it is “a sane” or “insane” decision.