Eye lenses implants in Turkey- Istanbul- Antalya- Izmir

EYE Lenses Implants in Turkey

Eye Lens Implants in Turkey, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir

With high ametropia, the corneal procedure (eye laser) reaches a natural limit that should not be exceeded. In the case of nearsightedness, this begins with approx. -10 diopters, with long-sightedness at +4 diopters. Lens implants can also be used against presbyopia.

This method is divided into two areas:

Intraocular lenses (Fakik OIL)
Multi- and trifocal lenses for presbyopia

Intraocular lenses
Intraocular lens that is implanted in the eye having a high myopia or farsightedness, but not suitable for laser surgery due to a too thin cornea. Such numbers can be corrected by the FAKIK-IOL operation. Toric ICL lens implants are also used for high corneal curvatures. In conjunction with LASIK surgery to correct any corneal defects, defective vision of 7 to 25 diopters for nearsightedness and 5 to 13 diopters for long-sightedness can be corrected.

scope of application
FAKIK-IOL surgery can be used in patients over the age of 18 who suffer from glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure), certain retinal disorders and cataracts. The decision as to whether this operation can be carried out can only be made after thorough preliminary examinations, in which the degree of ametropia, the opening of the pupil in the dark and the exact structure of the cornea are determined.

The FAKIK-IOL operation provides reliable results for patients with high myopia and hyperopia. Only the best artificial eye lenses are used in our eye clinic. The artificial lens attached to the eye during the operation maintains its compatibility and optical properties for life. The artificial lens is neither recognizable by third parties after the operation nor is it perceived as a foreign body by the patient himself.

Multifocal and trifocal lenses for presbyopia
Basically, this artificial lens corrects presbyopia (also: read glasses), in which the eye loses the ability to adjust itself to close distances. With a multifocal lens, concentric rings of different widths are “superimposed”. This creates different visual zones or focal lengths from which the eye unconsciously selects the correct visual zone. Multifocal lenses have been around for a long time. In the past decades, great advances have been made in this area, which improve the quality of vision with such an artificial lens. Please find more information here.