Dental clinic dentist treatment Kusadasi


Dental clinic in Izmir Kusadasi, is one of the best and leading clinics in dentistry.

There are expert dentists who will assist you at the clinic through their advices and activities. Their dentistry services include from prophylaxes to Implantologie and our clinic is able to offer a painless treatment to our patients.

Dental clinic is in Kusadasi, Turkey’s touristic place and it is about one hour away from Izmir airport.

Considering your comfort, Dental clinic is equipped with the modern equipment and doctors apply the latest treatment methods and high quality products only.  There are air-conditions in waiting, treatment and operating rooms.  The dental clinic has bright, sincere areas full of sunlight.  Especially, hygiene is very important and their devices are sterilized with the latest technology methods.

Modern Dental Clinic in Kusadasi

Services cover all fields of dentistry and oral surgery as well as implants, dental prosthesis, bridges and dental veneer. Dental clinic is ready to serve aesthetics or medical solutions to our patients at all times.

A lively and beautiful smile is one of the most important elements in life. The goal of the dentists in Kusadasi is to provide a smooth, quick, painless and meticulous work. In order to answer increasing demands, activities involving expertise are expanded with more complicated medical services. The greatest appreciation for dental applications is to see patients return home in a happy, pleased and smiling way.

Patients’ expectations:

    • modern treatment fields
    • ultimately hygienic standards. You may read the details here.
    • sincere atmosphere
    • very experienced doctors
    • English speaking staff
    • a better quality than Holland
    • affordable

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