ReLex Smile LASIK in Turkey Istanbul Antalya

ReLex Smile Lasik in Istanbul and Antalya

What is ReLEx Smile Lasik?
ReLEx® smile is the first laser eye procedure that can only be performed with a single laser: the femtosecond laser VisuMax. The laser procedure is painless and does not require the typical LASIK flap.

First of all, the preparation of the corneal disc inside the cornea (the lenticle) is done with the femtosecond laser VisuMax. Meanwhile, you see a bright point, but hardly feel anything. Immediately after lenticule preparation, a 2 to 3 mm small opening is cut – again, this is done with the VisuMax. Through this opening, the surgeon releases the lenticle and gently pulls it out. Then the small cut opening is checked again. Afterwards you, like most patients, will be amazed at how fast everything went and how little you felt. Due to the small opening postoperative precautions are not necessary, the following day you should usually play sports, wash your hair or take a shower.

An advantage of the laser eye procedure ReLEx® smile compared to LASIK is that the cut surface is much smaller.

ReLEx SMILE is considered the next generation of eye lasers. In the “keyhole” method, no flap (corneal cap) is created and folded away – the procedure is performed by a tiny incision in the cornea and is thus minimally invasive. This means that as little as possible is intervened in the cornea and therefore the healing process is very short.

The VisuMax femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss marks the tissue that is to be removed for better vision. Only the femtosecond laser is used.

This method is relatively new and is only used in a few eye laser clinics worldwide. SwissLasik offers this method now at exclusive partner clinics in Turkey to always be up to date with the latest technology!

ReLex SMILE is currently used exclusively for short-sighted patients (without astigmatism). However, if these criteria are not met, the same results will generally be achieved with a femto-LASIK surgery.

ReLex Smile is available in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir. It costs depending on the clinic from 1990 to 2200 € for both eyes.

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