Eye laser-LASIK Clinics in Antalya


Talya Eye Clinic in Antalya

Talya Eye Clinic in Antalya

The Eye Clinic in Antalya

MedicalTravel offers you to have a surgery in Talya eye hospital, one of the prominent and the best laser treatment hospitals in the world.

Talya eye hospital has NCS Internatioal cerificate.

This certificate is a measurement determining the quality standards for patients’ health in international hospitals and it includes the comprehensive criterias to be followed. Talya eye hospital is one of the prominent, the greatest and most modern private hospitals in Europe, meeting these requirements.

Talya eye hospital is in Antalya, a popular touristic region in Turkey.

Talya eye hospital is expert on eye surgeries via lasik laser method and it has the latest laser technology in order to correct the sight defiency. Not only the methods but also the devices are the latest models. Here, VisuMax, femto second laser of German Carl Zeiss Meditec and Excimer Laser Mel 80 laser device of the 5th generation.

Talya eye hospital is equal to the quality of European hospitals in every aspect with its ISO 9001:2000 certification and here patients are cared by the experts working with the latest laser technology and having a perfect education.

Improve your life quality with an eye laser treatment at the eye hospital in Antalya. Patients here are directly taken care by MD. Mehtap Abay, chief physician at the hospital. Get your eyes treated at Talya eye hospital, a hospital in European quality standards and save your money, at the same time.

Chief Surgeon MD Mehtap Abay, an expert on laser eye treatments

MD Mehtap Abay, chief surgeon of Antalya Talya eye hospital, was born in Istanbul in 1965. She studied at the faculty of medicine in Trakya University, Edirne and graduated in 1989. She is an expert on lasik eye surgeries and particularly interested in her patients’ needs. The patients are taken care by the hands of the most experienced and trust-worthy surgeon, MD Abay; thanks to her clinical and surgical experiences.

The eye laser surgeon Dr. Mehtap Abay

The eye laser surgeon Dr. Mehtap Abay

MD Abay started to work as a physician in the Ministry of Health in 1989, after her university education. In 1991, she was assigned as a research assistant in cardiovascular training hospital and in the same year, she also became a doctor at Kumlucu state hospital.

In 1996, she was started working as a research assistant at the department of eye diseases in Mediterranean University. And four years later, in 2000, she had long years of occupational experience in Antalya state hospital and Kartal Lutfi Kırdar training and research hospital as the specialist ophthalmologist. Since 2005, she has been the owner and the chief surgeon of Antalya Talya eye hospital.

In Talya Eye hospital, only the patients who are undoubtly considered to be available for a Lasik surgery are operated. Briefing the patient in details is an indispensable and the most important element for the continuity of trust and the success of the treatment.

The latest technology devices are used to treat sight deficiencies.

  • CRS Master
  • 5. jenerasyon Mel 80
  • Femto second Laser Visumax

Talya eye hospital offers a 10 year guarantee to its patients. A second operation is free for 10 years.

The clinic offers also ReLex Smile Lasik in Antalya.

The patient’s needs are always prior to anything. And that means that not the financial criterias but the best treatment methods are the main criterias.