Eye laser costs prices in Turkey Istanbul Antalya Izmir


These are our convincing offers and prices for your eye laser surgery in Turkey: All prices are for both eyes*

I- LASIK method, from 1190 up to 1300 €

LASEK method, 1100 €

Preliminary examination, free of charge after treatment (if no treatment has been given, only from 100 to 200 €)

Eye lenses, from € 2200 to € 4400

ReLex Smile LASIK, 2100 €

These prices include:

– Consultation

– Pre examinations and surgery with a wave front as well as follow-up examinations in the clinic on the following day

– FREE! 2 to 3 nights in the clinic or in the hotel also for your companion (valid for Birinci eyes)

– The possible second operation for 5 to 10 years except presbyopia after the first procedure

– Transfers airport & hotel & clinic

– Medical travel pass

– Free and non-binding dental check-up (if requested)

Additional costs: flights
This would cost from 100 euros on, depending on the current price of a flight. Please book this yourself.

Pay all services (except flight) in Turkey or transfer them to MedicalTravel in advance.

* All prices subject to change.

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