ReLex Smile Lasik Eye Laser Clinic Bati in Istanbul


The “BATI GÖZ” eye clinic in Istanbul is one of the most modern eye clinic

Bati Eye Clinic Istanbul

Bati Eye Clinic Istanbul

of Turkey. The Bati Eye Clinic offers the latest laser vision correction method ReLex Smile Lasik successfully.

What is ReLEx Smile Lasik?
ReLEx® smile is the first laser vision correction procedure that is carried out with a single laser: VisuMax femtosecond laser. The laser procedure is painless and does not require the typical LASIK flap.

The first step is preparation of the corneal flap inside the cornea (the lenticule) with the femtosecond laser VisuMax. Meanwhile, you can see a bright spot, but hardly felt. Immediately after Lentikelpräparation a 2 to 3 mm small opening is cut – and that happens with the VisuMax. Through this opening, the operator solves the lenticule and pulls it out carefully. After that, the small-sectional opening is checked again. Afterwards you will, like most patients, amazed to be how quickly everything happened and how little you felt. Due to the small opening no precautions are needed postoperatively, already the next day you should normally be able to exercise usually wash your hair or take shower. More Information you find please here.



The Eye Surgeon
Dr. Mehmet Soyler

Mehmet-Soyler-eye laser surgeon

Mehmet-Soyler-eye laser surgeon

Dr. Soyler is founder of BATI GÖZ Health Group and practicing head physician of the refractive surgical department of Ophthalmology Istanbul. He can look back on an experience of over 20 years and counts with more than 40.0000 even performed operations in the field of cataract surgery and Augenlaser- to renommiersten ophthalmologists Turkey. He is also a member of both the ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) and the ESCRS (European Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgery).




The costs of eye laser in the Bati Clinic
Standard Lasik: 1090 €
Femto Lasik: 1290 €
Relex Smile Lasik: 2090 €

These prices include the following services:
– Treatments for both eyes, pre- and post examinations
– Transfers among airport clinic Hotel
– Two night’s stay in the partner hotel near by.
– Eye drops

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