Who is Suitable for eye laser surgery?


Eye laser treatment offers a good sight in sports

There are several criterias and some include:

  • Within the last two years, the sight deficiency must remain stable with the acceptation of minimum changes in eyeglass degrees.
  • The patient must be minimum 20 years-old. The possibility of having a successful treatment might be low for those who are older than 65, depending on the presbyopia.
  • The patient must not have any eye deficiencies such as cataract, ophthalmia (glaucoma), or keratoconus.
  • Diseases such as rheumatic, diabetes etc. might have a preventive role for surgery. Therefore, you must inform us on all your current illnesses.
  • If you are having medication that will prevent cornea from healing, you must immediately give up using them.
  • This treatment is not suggested for the patients who are pregnant or in breast-feeding period.
  • For people with allergy, the surgery has to be postponed to a time when allergy is overcome.
  • The thickness of your cornea layer has to be suitable for a surgery. (In pre examinations, it is measured)
  • The patient must be in a stable psychological state.
  • You have to be informed in details about this surgical operation on eye. You should not have any doubts or question marks.

Whether you are available for a surgical treatment is actually determined after pre examinations are concluded and you are diagnosed.

Thanks to eye laser surgery you have a better vision by sport

Reasons for Eye laser surgery

The use of eyeglasses and contact lenses are not always practical.

Many of those with eyeglasses consider themselves to be restricted in terms of mobility and sight in sports, entertainment and daily life. In addition, they also cause cosmetic or mental unrest. Besides, eyeglasses are also difficult to use in some occupations such as acting, cooking and public security.

And contact lenses are also not satisfying due to possible sensitivity to the compounds of cleaning products as well as allergic reactions.

For patients with those problems, refractive surgeryis an alternative.

However, those who are completely satisfied with their eyeglasses or contact lenses might not have a reason to have their eyes operated, in general.