Dental treatments Turkey Cost and Prices

In order to allow us plan your treatment, please fill in this form completely and deliver it to us with your x-ray if possible. Once the hospital goes through your form, we will issue a detailed cost analysis for you. You may submit your x-rays and the cost calculations of your doctor as well.

You make all payments in Turkey, without the requirement of an advance payment. You may pay cash in Turkish Lira or Euro; it is also possible to pay via credit card or money transfer.

Flight prices
There are great differences in flight prices. These prices depend on the airline company as well as the dates you would like to travel. It is possible to determine a price between 150 and 300 €. Please book your flight after we confirm the appointment.

Hotel prices
There are hotels with various prices from 55 to 80 Euro per night in Turkey, depending on the hotel you would like to stay.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.